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Wichita Falls Real Estate Report Is Here!

by Ashton Gustafson

It is here!! The just now published Wichita Falls Annual Real Estate Report is in the marketplace. This terrific, useful data was the brainchild of Ashton who spent countless hours in research of this information. It was made whole by our friend, Patrick Kemp, at Three Leaf Creative. You should be able to access it as an attachment today by clicking here.

The magazine in print will be mailed to 3500 households and will be available from us or at various locations around the city. Call if you seek one.

Spring definitely found us this weekend. It was a gorgeous weekend enhanced by the various trees and flowers in bloom. Did you notice the attractive red bud trees, the colorful tulips, the pear trees, etc. Many gardeners are now planting tomato plants, pepper plants, herbs, etc. Water sources are so vital. Please, let’s all continue to pray for rain.

The March real estate market has been solid, not overwhelming. This type of activity seems like it will be predominant in 2014. That is solid, but not great.

Thank you very much for believing in the Bishop Group. We appreciate all of you.

Ashton and Denny - Christmas TV Show

by Ashton Gustafson

Watch Ashton and Denny's TV Show!

by Ashton Gustafson

You can find Ashton and Denny on KFDX Channel 3 every Sunday morning at 10:30 am!


What's Up in Wichita Falls Real Estate Market

by Ashton Gustafson

Looking into the 2012 Wichita Falls Real Estate Market

by Ashton Gustafson


It is hard to believe, but 2012 has roared in and we are all moving forward into the New Year! I wish you a Happy and prosperous 2012!!!

2012 starts out with a bright spot in the Real Estate market and that is the continuation of historic low mortgage interest rates. 2011 saw rates hit record lows and hold that pattern throughout the year.

 In Freddie Freddie Mac's results of its Primary Mortgage Market Survey®, the average fixed mortgage rates finishing the year near their all-time historic lows helping to keep homebuyer affordability high. Averaging 3.95 percent, the 30-year fixed has been at or below 4.00 percent for the past nine consecutive weeks and only twice in 2011 did it average above 5.00 percent. This has certainly helped the national Real Estate market by making home purchases affordable and helping to make loan qualification a possibility for many who otherwise would be out of the home purchase market.  

Will mortgage rates continue this low level during 2012?  Indications at this time point to a positive "YES"!  This should hold true for no less than the first half of 2012.  With the prediction that homes values will continue their decline in most national markets through 2012, the possibility on home ownership may become even more realistic for many.

New Wichita Falls Real Estate Pod Cast Is Up

by Ashton Gustafson

This month's edition covers Greater Wichita Falls real estate market activity and then we'll discuss how recent market activity and low interest rates are bringing stability to one of the best real estate markets in recent history!                                                    

Ashton's Wichita Falls Real Estate Update

by Ashton Gustafson


Good Monday morning to you!

Market Update

For a full market update, check in at This month's edition covers the Greater Wichita Falls real estate market and then we share tips to prepare your home for winter and protect against factors that cause mold.

Wichita Falls and Surrounding Area Home Finder has become our areas #1 site that buyers are choosing to find their next home. Here you can set up a time to preview, create a favorites list, qualify for financing, and view GoogleEarth photos. Check it out today!

Thinking of Selling in 2012?

Go to Complete the required information on your home and you will receive a complimentary Computer Analysis, indicating your home's approximate present value on the market today. It is simple and dependable.

If I can answer any questions for you or anyone you may know about our real estate, I would be glad to. Call me anytime at 940.691.7355.

November Real Estate Podcast is Up

by Ashton Gustafson

Ashton Gustafson of The Bishop Team presents:

This month's edition covers Greater Wichita Falls real estate market activity and then we'll share tips to prepare your home for winter and protect against factors that cause mold.

It Is Time Start Thinking About 2012

by Ashton Gustafson


Thinking of Selling in 2012?

Can you believe..... Thanksgiving is in 16 days? Christmas is in 47 days? New Year's day is in 53 days! 

It will be 2012 before you know it and many of you may be looking to sell your home or know someone looking to sell in the 1st quarter of the year. If so, a great place to start Here, I will provide information for you to see what the market has done in your neighborhood lately.

We encourage all of our future sellers to start planning the repairs and maintenance that will be needed to market your home in this particular market.

Thinking of Buying in 2012?

If so, check out I assure you, there is no greater site for buyers in the Wichita Falls area. Create a favorite's list, view GoogleEarth images, and even set up an appointment to preview the homes you would like to see. Check it out today!

Ashton's New Blog

If you enjoy random business thoughts and encouragement throughout the week, I encourage you to preview Be sure to subscribe with your email address at the bottom if you would like an updates of the postings. This is the precursor to my book I'm looking to release in 2012.

This Week

If there is ANYTHING we an do, answer, or help you with this week, please let me know. I hope to hear from you soon.

Wichita Falls Real Estate Update- October 31, 2011

by Ashton Gustafson

Market Overview

We are seeing a challenging market in North Texas at this time. YTD our residential market sales are down approximately 20%. With a challenge, we also see opportunity. The current interest rates are still as low as we have ever seen them, which means the buyer today has more power than he ever has. Should one be looking to buy and hold, we see this as a great investment opportunity. All in all, this is a market we have described as a "Price War and Beauty Contest"....To hear a recording of my view on the market at this time, see

Websites for Fast Answers - Every home available for sale. - Looking to sell? Get a FREE market analysis. - The truth on today's interest rates.

We would love to discuss with you any questions you may have in the market today! Call me anytime at 940.691.7355.

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