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City of Wichita Falls to Auction Home and 18.5 Acres

by Ashton Gustafson

Contact Barry Levy
City of Wichita Falls Public Information Officer
(940) 761-7401

 The City of Wichita Falls will be selling, at auction, a home and 18.5 acres of land, appraised at $111,195.00, on Thursday, November 3, 2011 at 10:am at 4927 West Highway 258 (the location of the home and property). The minimum bid for the home and land is $70,000.00. The City reserves the right to reject any or all bids. The successful bidder must tender a cashier's check for 10% of the bid by 1:pm Friday, November 4th and tender payment in full by cash, cashier's check or certified funds no later than 1:pm, Monday, November 14th, 2011, pending City Council approval.

  The home and property will be open for inspection, Friday, October 21st from 1:pm to 6:pm. For complete details including the property description and photographs go to and click on the article on the homepage under News and Announcements.

  For more information please contact the City of Wichita Falls Property Management Division at 940-761-8816. Use this URL address for a map of the location

Local Distressed Property Expert Provides Guidance for Homeowners Trying to Avoid Foreclosure

Informative online report details foreclosure alternatives for homeowners facing unaffordable mortgage payments in Wichita Falls and North Texas.

Wichita Falls, TX – (August 14, 2011) – Local CDPE-designated agent, Ashton Gustafson of Bishop Realtor Group, has released a new report that provides 10 foreclosure solutions that can be used to avoid the costly effects of foreclosure. The report titled “At the End of Your Rope? 10 solutions for alleviating the stress of an unaffordable mortgage!” provides information for homeowners dealing with the stress of possible foreclosure.

“It’s incredibly stressful for homeowners to take action when they are faced with foreclosure,” Gustafson said.  “The reality is that over 6 million Americans missed a mortgage payment in April, so people should understand they are not alone.”

This community resource is available at In addition to providing more information about the alternatives to foreclosure, the report explains ten foreclosure alternatives that a homeowner can take advantage of like a loan modification or short sale.

A short sale occurs when a lender allows a homeowner to sell a property for less than the current mortgage amount owed.

“There are many alternatives to foreclosure that a distressed homeowner can choose from Gustafson said. “I can help tailor a solution that best fits the needs of distressed homeowners and gets them back on track to financial stability.”

The CDPE Designation that Gustafson has acquired provides a specific understanding of the complex issues confronting distressed homeowners.  Through comprehensive training and experience, CDPE-designated agents are able to provide solutions for homeowners facing financial hardship in today’s market.

To learn more, visit

Ashton Gustafson


Bishop Realtor Group

Wichita Falls, TX

Summertime has arrived in Wichita Falls

by Ashton Gustafson

Good Monday morning to you!

The Heat Is On

Can you believe the heat? Ever thought about owning a home with a pool? If so, check out Here you can find every home in our market that is available for sale with a pool. Check it out!

Market Facts

Our office remains at the forefront of our market for closed transactions year to date. While we are one of the smaller offices in the market (in terms of number of agents) we currently rank #1 year to date in volume closed. If you are thinking about selling, please see We look forward at the chance to serve you further.

Pod Cast

Check out this month's pod cast at This month's edition covers Greater Wichita Falls real estate market activity and then we'll explain how buyers can make the most of favorable summer conditions.

If I can do anything else for you or anyone you may know this week, please let me know.

"Concerning all acts of initiative (and creation) there is one elementary truth, the ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans: that the moment one definitely commits oneself, then providence moves too." Steven Pressfield

The Best Wichita Falls Real Estate Web Sites

by Ashton Gustafson

Ashton Gustafson has made it his practice to be at the forefront of technology in the Real Estate sector for Wichita Falls and North Texas. See below for all your Real Estate needs. - Total market overview. - The BEST Site for Active Buyers. - Thinking of selling? - Looking to invest? Listen to the market update on you iPod! - Daily email list of the new luxury homes on the market. - All of our office listings.

Don't Walk Away From Your Mortgage

by Ashton Gustafson

If you are at the crossroads of deciding whether or not to walk away from your mortgage or "strategically default," you'll find there is nothing strategic about foreclosure, especially when there are solutions to avoid it.

One in four American homeowners is underwater, and millions more are having a hard time making mortgage payments.

The good news is I can provide solutions that may help you or someone you love avoid foreclosure. I've prepared a free, no obligation report regarding these options that you can download here in the privacy of your home:

Make an informed decision and take a truly strategic step toward securing financial stability … call me today!


Ashton Gustafson
Bishop Realtor Group
(940) 224-0881


March Wichita Falls Numbers are Posted

by Ashton Gustafson

Good morning to you!

The Market

In the last 70 days, we here at the Bishop Realtor Group have put over 70 properties in contract. While we feel the market is still moving very well for our office, the overall market does have varying levels of sluggish price points. Below are the stats from the Wichita Falls Association of Realtors on what SOLD in March of 2011. As always, $120,000 price point was the winner. As long as rates continue to stay where they are at, we look for a very strong Summer run in the market.

Thinking of Selling?

Ever wonder what homes have sold for in your neighborhood? Thinking of selling this Summer? See - I will have a market analysis to you within 48 hours.

Thinking of Buying?

3 years ago I launched what has turned into the #1 web-site for buyers looking in our market. Check out for every home available within your criteria. Here you can request more information or even set up at a time to view any property available for sale.

The Word on the Street

Our clients have spoken. If you are thinking about participating in any way in the Real Estate market, I encourage you to check out

Ashton's Thought of the Week

Go. Start. Create. In whatever you do or find passion in - go. We need more imagination, more creating, and and more starters in the world. And may you and yours enjoy a peaceful Easter weekend.

Current Wichita Falls Real Estate Trends

by Ashton Gustafson

Good Monday morning to you!

When the discussion of Real Estate comes up, everyone wants to point the finger a hundred different ways to explain why the market is or is not performing.

In all reality, there are just a few places to look for answers:
- Jobs
- Recent Sales Activity
- Inventory
- Mortgage Availability

Let's look at these on a local level...

Jobs - I attended the Wichita Falls Economic Forum this week, and found that Wichita Falls had actually created quite a few new jobs this year. Those new jobs and, of course, the jobs provided by Sheppard Air Force Base
give me great hope for the rest of 2011. A huge THANK YOU goes to our local business owners and Board of Commerce and Industry to keeping jobs in North Texas.

Recent Sales Activity - We have put a home in contract nearly every day this year, and we are up 40% YTD (last year was our firm's best year ever). The market is moving indeed, but PRICE is calling the shots. Which leads me to...

Inventory - We are at record levels of inventory at all price levels. Some of our market price ranges have over 12 months of inventory. See,

Mortgage Availability - I often hear that it is difficult to get a loan. This puzzles me. My personal stats show that I am qualifying over 90% of the clients that come my way looking to buy. Mortgage rates have never been this low, and we have plenty of happy buyers getting loans. See,

If I can answer any further questions or serve anyone you may know this week, please let me know.

"What would our world look like if more people started projects, made a ruckus, and took risks?" Seth Godin

March Wichita Falls Real Estate Pod Cast

by Ashton Gustafson

This month's edition covers Greater Wichita Falls real estate market activity and then we promote the value of a CMA.

Features special guest Terri Murphy of US Learning.

The Real Estate game has changed.

by Ashton Gustafson

Good Monday morning to you!

The Real Estate industry is a very traditional business. People will always be looking for a new place to sleep, work, recreate, and live...and, people will always be looking to sell places to sleep, work recreate, and live. From now until "doomsday", the business of buying and selling Real Estate will be a significant part of our human experience.

However, this traditional business has taken on many non-traditional practices in the last 10 years. We used to only have the newspaper, now the news is sent to our phones. We used to only have open houses to freely preview homes, but now we swim in a sea of on-line virtual tours and information. The game has changed.

Therefore, I have made it my passion to pursue this traditional business in a non-traditional way...and it is working.

To see my non-traditional ways of selling real estate and helping buyers find their places of interest, see the information below... - The ONLY site made just for buyers in North Texas and the Greater Wichita Falls area. - Wondering what homes have sold for in your neighborhood? - A daily list of new listings within the local luxury market. - A monthly Wichita Falls market update on the Real Estate market. - One stop to find everything you need in the Greater Wichita Falls Real Estate market. - Weekly list of foreclosed property available for sale. - A daily list of new listings within your criteria. - Looking to build in North Texas' 1st Green/Renewable community. - See what our clients are saying.

If I can serve you this week or discuss with you my non-traditional ways of business, please let me know.

"If you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always gotten." Tony Robbins

2011 January MLS Stats Released - Wichita Falls, TX

by Ashton Gustafson

Good Monday morning to you!

Market Report

Below you will see the January statistics from the Wichita Falls MLS. As always,  the price range of $100,000 - $120,00 had the most number of transactions closed. If you have any questions about the information below, please let me know.

February Pod Cast

Check out our pod cast update at This month we discuss tips for sellers looking to enter the market this Spring.

Spring Has Arrived

As the weather warms, so does the market. We have created the area's #1 site for buyers, When you create an account here, you are updated within YOUR criteria every morning. This is the best way to keep your thumb on the market and homes within your criteria. See why over 2,000 buyers have made this their #1 tool in buying a home in the Greater Wichita Falls areas.

If I can do anything for you or anyone you may know this week, please let me know. I look forward to hearing from you...

"Concerning all acts of initiative and creation, there is one elementary truth - that the moment one definitely commits oneself, then Providence moves, too." Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

Displaying blog entries 1-10 of 57

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