Good Monday morning to you!

It is hard to believe today is the first day back to school for teachers and students in the Greater Wichita Falls area. I hope you all have had a wonderful Summer - now let's pray for some rain!

Thinking of Selling?

Now that school is in session, you may have selling your home on your radar. If so, check out  We will provide you with an analysis of what has gone on in your area and get back to you within 48 hours. Check it out!

I'm Ready to Buy

If you are ready to buy, you must check This has become the fastest growing Real Estate website in our area for buyer. Here you will find Google Earth images, maps, virtual tours, and more! Check it out today!

Behind On Your Mortgage?

I have recently released  a report called "10 solutions for alleviating the stress of an unaffordable mortgage”. This community resource is available In addition to providing more information about the alternatives to foreclosure, the report explains ten foreclosure alternatives that a homeowner can take advantage of like a loan modification or short sale.

Times Like These

In times like these, you do not need an amateur, you need an expert. Our site, showcases all of our happy customers. We hope to serve you with our expertise soon!

“The greatest day in your life and mine is when we take total responsibility for our attitudes. That's the day we truly grow up." John Maxwell