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Pay For Your Child's College with Real Estate

by Ashton Gustafson

Have Your Tenant Pay for Your Child’s College Education!



Did you realize that if your purchase a rental property while your child is young, you will have a property to sell in 15 years (using a 15 year mortgage) that will pay for their college education….

and it didn’t cost you anything!



Here is the equity created in a $125,000 rental property with a 10% down payment with NO CONSIDERATION for the property appreciating!


            Equity today (down payment)                         $12,500

            Equity in 5 years                                                      $52,054

            Equity in 10 years                                                   $84,311

            Equity in 15 years                                                   $125,000




Let me help you find the right kind of property to meet your financial needs. Taking the first step is scary, but I can show you how numerous people have added a property to their portfolio each year, how the properties are managed, pitfalls to avoid and vendors you can depend on!



Ashton Gustafson

The Bishop Realtor Group

Wichita Falls World of Wheels - Feb 1-3

by Ashton Gustafson
The World of Wheels is fast approaching again. It's hard to believe that this fantasic car show has been coming to Wichita Falls for 29 years!
This year some of the finest cars in the nation will be at our show as well as some of the greatest local vehicles of which some of them have never before been seen!
If you have ever watched any of the car enthusiast shows such as Car Crazy, then you probably didn't miss the segment from the Detroit Autorama. The Gold 1932 Ford Roadster shown on Car Crazy as a Riddler Award Great Eight Runner up, owned by Sam and Patty Magarino, from Sparta, New Jersey, will be one of our front row vehicles this year.
Joe Mouton from New Orleans, Louisiana will be bringing his latest creation, built after Hurricane Katrina. It is a black 1955 Chevy with a motor that you would not believe! This is Joe's third vehicle that he has toured with for ISCA, (International Show Car Association.) Some of you might remember "Dragonheart", the red 1957 Chevy that was here a few years ago. Joe's newest creation won him the prestigious Millwinder's Award at the Houston Autorama on Thanksgiving weekend.


Sunday from Noon - 5 - Jason Earles who plays Miley Stewart/Hannah Montana's (Miley Cyrus) older brother, Jackson Stewart, in the Disney Channel Original Series Hannah Montana will appear. He is her dorky, annoying brother.

The cartoon character's this year for the kid's will be none other than SpongeBob Squarepants and Dora the Explorer They will appear off and on Friday, Saturday and Sunday with time off for breaks!

Preston Pearson ,Superbowl Champion from the Dallas Cowboys will appear on stage Saturday from 3-5.

Also appearing on Saturday is NASCAR Driver Kenny Schrader who will be on stage from 1-3!

And as in years before, we will have the dirt track racing at the Ag Center on Saturday and Sunday with Mini Sprints, Mini Pullers and Go Carts, which will run all day both days with hot laps and finals. Finals will begin when hot laps are over with gocart races and mini pullers in between. This is an all day event. Also at the Ag center there will be an old car parts swap meet. Call Kevin Wilson at (940) 782-0169 for more information about the swap meet.

One ticket price allows you to watch the races, come to the car show and see the celebrities! And don't forget about the Texas Bikini Team appearing all weekend and Casey Pilgreen will be on stage Saturday night! There will be special visits by Artie Wood and McGruff the Crime Dog and a special fundraiser for him at the Model Car Contest which is open to kids and adults!

We are looking for local entries! If you have a really nice ride and you want to enter our show, please give us a call. We need your car, truck, motorcycle, go-cart, junior dragster, pedal car, bicycle or any other motorized or non motorized vehicle! We have Show Classes for all!

Hours of the show are 6-10 Friday Feb. 1, 10-10 Saturday Feb. 2 and 11-7 Sunday Feb. 3.

Ticket prices are: $9.95 for adults and $2.95 for children 6-12 on Friday, $11.95 for adults and $3.95 for children 6-12 on Saturday and Sunday.

For more car show information call Jeff or Julie Coley - (940) 723-9849
For vendor space at the show call Geneva Wood at (940) 767-5197
For Dirt Track Race information before the days of the show call Orville Williams at (580) 654-1246
For information on the Model Car Contest call James or Judy at (940) 761-4775
Where: Ray Clymer Exhibit Hall and the Multi Purpose Events Center
When: Friday 6-10, Sat. 10-10, Sunday 11-7
Event Dates: This event takes place on 2/1/2008.

Kiwanis Pancake Festival - Wichita Falls

by Ashton Gustafson

The University Kiwanis will be holding their annual Pancake Festival on January 26 @ the Wichita Falls MPEC. This is a great event for the entire family to attend.

Save Money - Save Energy

by Ashton Gustafson

There are several ways to reduce your energy useage that are easy and don’t take a lot of time or money.  By taking steps to save energy you will also be saving money. The less you use, the less you spend! Here are some simple tips to get you started.

  • Be sure to fix any defective plumbing or leaks. A single dripping hot water faucet can waste 212 gallons of water a month and not only raise your water bill but your energy bill as well.
  • Use glass and ceramic dishes to cook with, not only do they hold heat better, they can lower the oven temperature by 25 degrees!
  • Whenever possible, try to cook and heat your food in the microwave instead of a full sized oven. A microwave only uses 20 percent of the energy required by a conventional oven.
  • Check the lint trap on your dryer regularly, it will help the warm air circulate better and dry your clothes faster.
  • Consider changing your lighbulbs to the new screw in fluorescent bulbs.  They last six times longer than regular bulbs, a 20 watt fluorescent bulb is equivalent to a 60 watt regular bulb.
  • Shut down your computer when you are not using it, or at least keep your computer and its monitor in sleep mode rather than leaving them on around the clock. According to the EPA, you can use 80 percent less electricity, which over the course of a year could have the effect of cutting CO2 emissions by up to 1,250 pounds.
  • Run the washer (and dishwasher) only when you have a full load to save energy and water.
  • Try to use the cold water setting on your washing machine rather than the warm and hot. 90% of the energy used when doing a load of laundry is actually spent heating the water.

These easy to follow tips will help to get you started in saving energy  and not only will you notice a difference in your monthly bill but you will working to help the environment. For more information on other ideas you can use to save energy visit the US Department of Energy’s website and learn more today!

Lake Wellington Homes - Wichita Falls

by Ashton Gustafson

Ashton is proud to announce the launching of Lake Wellington's first website, . If you are looking for a home in Lake Wellington, simply go to this site and email Ashton with the criteria that you are looking for. The available homes will be emailed to within 24 hours.

Ashton continues to seek a "modern approach to real estate" for his clients and the community.

If you have any other questions concerning your next move or the market, feel free to email ashton @ or call at 940.224.0881 - For Buyers - For Sellers

Facing Foreclosure in Wichita Falls, TX

by Ashton Gustafson

Are you currently facing the possibilities of foreclosure in Wichita Falls, TX?

If so, you are not the only one. We have launched a new site to help serve those that have hit hard times and are looking for a way out.

There are countless hardships that can turn home ownership from a joy into a burden.  The loss of a job, medical bills, or an unexpected hike in monthly payments can all make a mortgage unaffordable.  But ignoring the bills will not make them go away, it will only make things worse.

If you need help, there are approaches that can help, but you may not be familiar with them.  One of these is a "short sale."

In an approved short sale, the lender agrees to accept less than is owed for the property, and the homeowner is relieved of the debt.  A lender may be willing to do this because it spares a lot of hassle and expense involved in executing a foreclosure.  And typically, a short sale does far less damage to the homeowner's credit than a foreclosure does.

Please go to - SAFE - FREE - SECURE

For more information on foreclosure prevention, call Ashton Gustafson of The Bishop Realtor Group at 940.224.0881 or

Canyon Trails Homes - Wichita Falls, TX

by Ashton Gustafson

Ashton Gustafson of The Bishop Realtor Group is proud to announce the launching of . If you or anyone you know is looking for a home in the Canyon Trails addition of Wichita Falls, see .

Ashton continues to lead the Wichita Falls Real Estate market in a modern approach with technology. - For Buyers - For Sellers


Moving Tips - When Moving With Children

by Ashton Gustafson

Moving can be extremely stressful especially if you have children. It is important to be aware of the things that may be a concern to your children when making a move.

A few areas of concern for children when making a move may include:

  • Preschool children tend to worry about being left behind or separated from their parents.
  • Kids aged 6 to 12 can be concerned with how their daily routines will be affected.
  • Teenagers are concerned primarily with fitting in and having their social life disrupted.

A way to ease these concerns may include:

  • Communicating with your child about what the new house will be like.
  • Take them on a visit of the new home and neighborhood (if possible)
  • If you can, visit the school with your child and meet some of the teachers.

Involving your children in the move can help make the transition easier. Your kids can be a great help to you and the move if you involve them such things as:

  • Packing some of their own special belongings, and decorate the box with stickers and markers.
  • Make plans together on how to decorate their new room.

There is a lot to consider during a move and by involving your children you just may relieve the stress your children are feeling, reduce your own stress and be able to focus more on other aspects of your move!

Moving To Sheppard Air Force Base

by Ashton Gustafson

Planning on moving to Wichita Falls? Go to for every home within your criteria as they come on the market.

If you would like a relocation packet for Sheppard Air Force Base or Wichita Falls, please call me at 940.224.0881.


New Growth at Sheppard Air Force Base

by Ashton Gustafson

SAFB to get huge personnel influx

WASHINGTON -- About 2,300 more airmen will land at Sheppard Air Force Base for training in the near future because the Air Force is ramping up manpower, officials said.

That’s about 55 percent of the total increase in manpower expected for fiscal year 2009, George Woodward, base public affairs director, said. It’s uncertain how many more airmen the service will recruit in fiscal year 2010.

“But it is likely that about half will be trained at Sheppard since about 55 percent of all Air Force technical training graduates are trained by the 82nd Training Wing,” Woodward said.

The base will also receive new permanent instructors to teach the influx of students, but officials don’t know how many yet, he said.

Meanwhile, the base will increase some class sizes, extend the tours of duty of some instructors and take other steps to meet demand, Woodward said.

Sheppard has adequate facilities for the airmen coming in and more, he said.

“However, many of our facilities are aging and will need to be upgraded or replaced so we can continue to provide the quality of life these young airmen deserve,” Woodward said.

Sheppard is working closely with the Air Education and Training Command to make that happen, he said.

The influx of service members could help fill the gap left by the coming departure of basic medical training students and instructors from Sheppard. The 2005 Base Realignment and Closure Commission recommended the creation of a medical-training hub in San Antonio.

So the base is due to lose more than 2,200 students, more than 500 permanent military positions and 85 civilian positions to Fort Sam Houston, officials have estimated.


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