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What if?

by Ashton Gustafson

Good Monday morning to you!

What If?

What if you had the opportunity to purchase a home on a 15 year mortgage, allow us to find you a renter, 15 years from now own the home free and clear, and in 18 years sell the home and have most (if not all) of your child or grandchild's college tuition paid for?

What if you COULD sell your home for what you paid for it (despite what CNN says) and buy another home that is worth 12-18% more than the one you have owned - with the SAME or LESS MONEY PER month?

What if you could take the $1000 per month you are currently spending on rent, and pay less than that each month with an FHA/VA loan on a home worth $130,000?

This is opportunity that lies before all of us. For more details on what is available, check out

Make it a great week!

Your talent is God's gift to you. What you do with it is your gift back to God. Leo Buscaglia

Ashton Real Estate Update - Wichita Falls, TX

by Ashton Gustafson

Thinking About Investing for College?

It is no secret that college cost are only going one way...up! I can show you how $7,000 invested today in a rent house, can turn into $109,000 15 years from now. I'm currently building a portfolio to ease the burden of college expenses when my children leave for school, and I can help you do this too. Of course it all starts at Start looking around at the available homes on the market, and when you are ready - we will be there to serve you.

Listen the the Wichita Falls Market Update This month's edition covers Greater Wichita Falls real estate market activity and then we'll talk about the top transaction strategies for fall 2011.

Supply and Demand

Our inventory of homes is high and we need more buyers! The buyers that we do have our loving this buying opportunity. Interest rates have never been this low, so it is a great time to capitalize on the market's affordability. Check out

Ashton Gustafson Launches Local Foreclosure Avoidance Campaign

by Ashton Gustafson

Ashton Gustafson Launches Local Foreclosure Avoidance Campaign

Distressed property expert’s online report updates homeowners who are struggling with mortgage payments in North Texas on solutions to avoid foreclosure.

Wichita Falls, – September 13, 2011 – “Nationwide, one in seven mortgages are headed for foreclosure,” noted Ashton Gustafson of Bishop Realtor Group.  While the statistics in the surrounding Wichita Falls areas are not nearly that high, Gustafson has developed an online report that reviews the increasing priority that major banks and the federal government have placed on giving homeowners viable options to foreclosure.

“Helping to keep homeowners out of foreclosure has become a national priority,” Gustafson says, adding, “it’s important for homeowners who are underwater on their mortgage or overstressed financially to know that none of the parties involved want to see a foreclosure happen. Banks were blindsided by the foreclosure crisis of the past few years, and too many homes have been lost to foreclosure, but the landscape has significantly changed. ”

Several entities within the Federal Government, along with major lenders, have retooled and restaffed in order to more effectively help homeowners to avoid foreclosure.

“Among the most troubling statistics,” Gustafson pointed out, “is the fact that the majority of homeowners who end up in foreclosure never seek the services of a real estate agent or attempt a short sale.”

A short sale occurs when a lender allows a homeowner to sell a property for less than the current mortgage amount owed.

Real estate agents who have received the Certified Distressed Property Expert (CDPE) designation have proactively sought out the most up-to-date expertise and insights to serve clients within the complicated and highly charged distressed property arena. CDPE agents are required to complete several days of intensive training and are held to a high standard of expertise, efficiency and ethics.

“My recent report titled Is Your Mortgage Payment Dragging You Down, provides information every homeowner should know if they are about to or have already missed mortgage payments.” This community resource is available at

Wichita Falls Real Estate Market Update - September 12, 2011

by Ashton Gustafson

Good Monday morning to you!

What In The World Is Going On?

I don't have the answers for what's going on in the world, but I can help you better understand the local market. For three years we have called the market we are in a "price war and a beauty contest." The truth endures.

Our prices have also remained fairly stable. If you purchased a home for $200,000 five years ago, chances are we can sell it for that today. And this is GREAT news when compared to the rest of country.

For more information on our market, please tune into our show on Time Warner, Channel 15 (Monday, Thursday, Saturday). You can also listen to

I'm Ready to Buy!

If you are ready to buy today, you must check out See why over 3,000 local buyers have made this their main site for buying in our local market. Here you will fine GoogleEarth aerial images, virtual tours, and you can create your very own favorites list. Click the request a showing button, and we will meet you there at the time that works for you!

Reputation for Results

In this market, you need a professional. One who knows the market, and how to maneuver through it. If you are looking to buy or sell in the near future, please see We look forward to working with you one day!

"The chief cause of failure and unhappiness is trading what you want most for what you want right now". Zig Ziglar

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