Good Monday Morning to you.

The Market

As we enter these Summer months, there's no doubt things feel different than they did a year ago. Last year we had one of the biggest June's on record - this of course was a byproduct of the 1st Time and Repeat Buyer tax stimulus for home buyers. Washington said, "buy a home - get $8000"....and EVERYBODY took them up on it.

This summer, we've seen available inventory in the 1st Time Home Buyer range grow to record levels. Essentially, the market borrowed buyers from the future last Summer. People that would have purchased in '11 and '12, took advantage of the tax credit, low rates, and made a great decision doing so. Which is why there are so many homes available in the under $100,000 range. The buyers for this Summer, purchased last Summer.

Last Summer's market was not real. We cannot compare last year's stats to this year and ask, "what are we doing wrong?" So please, don't Judge the market by its Government Stimulus Package.

The Opportunity

Average days on market for homes that SOLD in May was 82. Average day on market for homes that RENTED was 52. Rentals entered and left the market 37% faster than did homes that sold. If you are cash positioned to take advantage of this opportunity to invest, call me ASAP. Don't let this be the Summer that got away. With our current inventory, these investments are making wonderful returns for our clients. Visit

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