What is the Texaplex?
David Winans coined the term “Texaplex” to describe the triangular region of Texas that contains 75% of the state’s population. Watch the video and see why everyone is talking about the Texaplex.

The Texaplex Project
The global financial crisis is a vicious cycle. The more we hear and talk about it, the worse it gets. However, in spite of all the national bad news, Texas is prospering! Texas, and in particular the Texaplex, has some pretty impressive facts that most Texans weren’t even aware of. This video is part of the Texaplex project which has set out to change that.

Did you know that the Texas Real Estate market is one of the strongest in the nation? Did you know that half of all new jobs created in the US were in Texas?

See this link for an incredible video on the Texas economy. http://www.texaplex.com/