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Ashton's Weekly Update

by Ashton Gustafson

Good Monday morning to you!

Wonderful Inventory of Homes

I truly believe some of the best home opportunities we have ever seen are available right now. And, with interest rates so low, buying has never been this affordable. See for what we currently have for sale.

More Winter is on its way

The cold is on its way and should be here by tomorrow. Here's a few tips on preparing your home for such weather.

Ever Thought About Investing?

I launched this last year to the benefits of purchasing a place of residence right now. Its also a GREAT time to invest too. See for a daily list of what's hitting the market, and let me know how I can help you start a portfolio and grow the one your currently have.
Make it a great week.

“What lies before us and what lies behind us are small matters compared to what lies within us. And when we bring what is within us out into the world, miracles happen." Ralph Waldo Emmerson

Ashton Gustafson selected to "20 Under 40"

by Ashton Gustafson

Ashton Gustafson, Owner @ Bishop Realtor Group, was named today by the Times Record News and Biz to Biz as one of Wichita Falls', TX top "20 under 40".

This is the first time the award has been given in Wichita Falls.

For more information on Ashton see and 

Ashton was also selected by Realtor Magazine in 2010 as one of the top 30 agents under 30 in the US.

Market Temperature - Wichita Falls, TX

by Ashton Gustafson

Good Monday morning to you!

Market Temp

It seems not so long ago (3 years) that someone coined the phrase, "price war and beauty contest" for the real estate market. The more and more I work with buyers and sellers, the more this not only makes sense to me- but I've found it truly is the perfect description.

You will hear many people make comments on the market being stagnant and slow - it is anything but that. Since January 1 we have had nearly 200 new buyers register with our sites on-line. The market's issue right now is inventory. We have the same amount of buyers as usual (see last week's news story, but we have a much larger inventory than ever. Hence buyers now have more choice than ever.

The best news is most values are even if not a little more appreciated than when a seller purchased their home over the last few years. Compared to other parts of the country, we should count our blessings.

Fast Answers - Mortgage Rates? - What's Available? - Thinking of Selling? - Market Update - Looking for land to build on?

If I can do anything you or someone you may know this week, please let me know.

 "We must become the change we want to see." Gandhi

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Wichita County Tax Sales

by Ashton Gustafson

From the Wichita County Sheriff's Office re: properties that are going to be sold by the Sheriff's Office.    The property that the WFSO sells will be for back taxes.  This list can be seen at the website of Perdue Brandon Fielders Collins and Mott, which is the tax attorneys for Wichita County.  Their website is  Below are instructions for the tax sales.
The WFSO receive numerous calls regarding foreclosures.  The office does not do foreclosure sales.   Foreclosures are filed in the County Clerk's Office and the sales are done by the mortgage company,  trustee or attorney for the mortgage company.
1.         Tax Sales are held the first Tuesday of the month between the hours of 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. on the court house steps on the south side of the building. The address is 900 7th Street, Wichita Falls, TX.
2.         The Sheriff's Office nor the Tax Office or Tax Attorney's Office does not print out a list of properties to be sold.  A list is posted on the bulletin board in the hallway outside the Sheriff's Office for viewing.  Properties for sale are listed in a newspaperpublication for 3 consecutive weeks prior to sale.  Properties in Wichita Falls and Electra are published in the Electra Star News.  Properties in Iowa Park are published in the Iowa Park Leader and properties in Burkburnett are published in the Burkburnett Star News.  These newspapers are published each Thursday.  You also may get this information by going to the tax attorney's website .
3.         All sales are without warranty of any kind. Purchasers receive a Sheriff deed that is without warranty. Bidders should satisfy themselves concerning title and location of the property and improvements on the property including any encroachments prior to bidding. The tax sale is an "as is", "where is", "buyer beware" sale.  If you have any questions about specific liens or ownership of the property, you may research the title yourself or through a title company.  The Sheriff's Office, Tax Office and Tax Attorney's Office will not do the research for you.  The judgments in these cases list the parties included in the tax suit.
4.         If you wish to bid on a particular piece of property at the sale, you must first sign in.  The Sign- In- Sheet is passed around the morning of the sale for those wishing to bid on properties.
5. A minimum bid will be given at the beginning of the sale of each property.  Please do not call the Sheriff's Office, Tax Office or the Tax Attorney's office requesting the minimum bid, as the information will not release until the sale.
6.         The successful bidder of a piece of property will need to be at the front desk of the Sheriff's Office before 1:00 p.m. to pay  If the successful bidder fails to show up in time to make his/her payment, we will go back on the courthouse steps and re-sale the property.  Payment can be cash, cashiers check or money order.  NO PERSONAL CHECKS WILL BE ACCEPTED.  Once payment is received, the bidder will be issued a receipt for payment.  Please do not lose the receipt.
7.         The tax attorney's office will prepare the deed which is WITHOUT warranty.  Once the Sheriff's Office receives the deeds, they will be signed, and then sent back to the tax attorney's office for distribution.  This should take anywhere from 3-6 weeks. 
8.         It will be up to the purchaser of the property to file the deed with the County Clerks Office.

MLK Day Market Update - Wichita Falls, TX

by Ashton Gustafson

Good Monday Morning to you!

As you probably know, we have a non-traditional approach to a traditional business. We believe that we are changing the way the industry operates, and its seems as though these tactics are working. Last year, we grew our market share 150% - in what was a very unique market.

The stats came out for the Wichita Falls Real Estate market in 2010 this week. Essentially, the residential sold market was flat as inventory continued to grow. All in all, we are so fortunate to be in the market we have here. Many of our buyers from other states have lost as much as 50% in their home values from where they previously lived. Here we are flat...and I'll take flat!

If I can serve you or anyone you may know this week, please let me know.

Remember our sites: - Best site for buyers in Wichita Falls - Thinking of selling? - Listend to a Market Update in iTunes - Thinking about building green? - The Modern Real Estate Experience

"Every man must decide whether he will walk in the light of creative altruism or in the darkness of destructive selfishness." Martin Luther King Jr.

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Southwest Wichita Falls to lose Water Pressure

by Ashton Gustafson

Citizens on the Southwest side of Wichita Falls will experience a decrease in water pressure beginning Monday, January 10, lasting until Monday, January 24, due to construction at the Cypress Water Treatment Plant.
The Public Works Department appreciates the continued understanding of residents and business owners as department employees work to enhance the drinking water system in the City.  For more information please contact Utilities Operations Manager, Daniel Nix at 691-1153.

January Real Estate Pod Cast is Up

by Ashton Gustafson - click to listen to January Pod Cast

This month's edition covers Greater Wichita Falls real estate market activity and then we discuss the top lessons from 2010, and explain what buyers and sellers need to do to get the most out of 2011.

Features special guest Terri Murphy of US Learning.

Ashton's Welcome to 2011

by Ashton Gustafson

Good Monday morning to you!

Wow - what a year 2010 was...and it is hard to believe that 2011 is now here. We had a tremendous year in 2010. We changed our name, grew our team, and grew our business to levels no one ever thought was possible in this market. Check out how I measured 2010 in my latest "AG Short Film"

As we enter into the new year, you or your friends may be looking at participating in the local Real Estate market. We have created numerous sites to get you your answers ASAP. Please forward these sites on to your friends or use them yourself. - Wichita Falls Premier Site for Buyers. - How did my neighborhood perform in 2010? - Daily updates in the luxury home market. - Thinking of investing? - What's the market up to? - Where can I go green?

Best of luck in your 2011 and DREAM BIG!

"If you can do one thing you thought was utterly impossible, it causes you to rethink your beliefs." Tony Robbins

Happy New Year - 2011

by Ashton Gustafson

Good morning and Happy New Year!

We are now into 2011, and if I can do anything to serve you and your real estate needs at this time in Wichita Falls, please let me know!

I look forward to serving you soon.

Remember to check back often @ - the best site for BUYERS in North Texas.

- Ashton

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